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Mom’s Ashes

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Today I went and picked up Mom’s ashes.

Noon.  USC Medical School.  Overcast day. Downtown Los Angeles was in a cloud.

USC campus was quietly buzzing. I took a few photos to show Dad in case he wanted to see.  I poked around and looked at where she’d been.  Mom’s been there for nearly 2 years ‘teaching’.  It was her last gift to the world.  So noble.

I got a little weepy.  I drove her home.

As I go to sleep tonight, I put her with me in my room.  I thought about how I held on to her elegant, square, pounded dark copper urn.  Just like a baby.  That’s what she used to say at the very end when I was doing things for her that she could no longer do.  “I’m just like a baby again.”  Just like a baby.

G’nite, Mom.

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July 8th, 2010 at 11:11 pm

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